The Degree for the 21st Century Manager

It’s a new reality of business. Solutions that work today may be obsolete tomorrow. Under the leadership of our internationally recognized faculty, our specialized programs strive to graduate a professional who is flexible to perform and thrive in changing environments. If you're looking to stand out and lead the way forward, then learn how to think differently with a Graduate Degree in Management from BU.

Master of Science in Applied Business Analytics Management

Learn how to use big data to make data-driven business decisions.

  • Gain a skill that is highly valued across all industries
  • Get hands-on experience with a variety of analytical software tools
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Master of Science in Project Management

Master the science of leading projects. This versatile program is applicable to existing and aspiring project managers, regardless of industry or organization type.

  • Earn up to two course waivers for prior professional designations and certifications.
  • Learn from internationally respected faculty members who have worked on mega-projects, like the Big Dig in Boston.
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Master of Science in Business Continuity, Security & Risk Management

Experience one of the only credible programs of its kind in the field today. Challenge yourself to think beyond the traditional view of risk management, disaster preparedness, and recovery.

  • Earn one course waiver for prior professional designations and certifications.
  • Explore challenges facing not only businesses, but entire industries.
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Master of Science in Banking & Financial Services Management

Learn the art and science of modern finance management. This program teaches you to challenge the numbers, dig for insights, and utilize advanced financial analysis tools.

  • Earn up to three course waivers for prior professional designations and certifications.
  • Develop your technical skills, analytical mind, and professionally curious nature.
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Master of Science in Insurance Management

Learn to protect your competitive edge in a work environment that continually changes. The CPCU® designation accounts for 1/3 of your master’s degree in insurance management.

  • Earn your master’s degree in only eight courses.
  • Know that CPCU® designation is a pre-requisite.
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Master of Science in International Marketing Management

Today's consumer is boss. That’s one reason why relying on traditional marketing logic is considered illogical in today's fast-paced business world. As an aspiring or existing manager in this new environment, how will you market to customers?

  • Benefit from intensive courses offered by our international partners in Asia, Latin America, and Mexico.
  • Learn the skills to prepare for management roles that may not even exist –yet.
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Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management

Rapid changes and increasing uncertainties in the global business environment are becoming endemic for managers of 21st century enterprises. Now, more than ever, up-to-date, proactive expertise is needed to meet these new challenges and lead today’s complex business operations. Boston University’s Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management can help you create new opportunities in this dynamic and unpredictable global setting. Our graduate certificate can put you in a position to make impactful decisions and provide a pathway toward increasing your career opportunities.

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Why We’re Different

Management is not for everyone. Neither is this master's degree. We're different. BU’s forward-thinking approach to management education is the fusion of theoretical, experiential, and innovative knowledge at its best. Nothing about our suite of master’s degree programs reiterates the past. Our distinguished faculty constantly contributes to the future of business. We think about what’s next—and teach our students to do the same.

  • Pioneering Curriculum: Real business doesn’t function in siloes and neither should management education. Our curriculum’s fully integrated, forward-thinking design features an interdisciplinary blend of courses that you will not find in other programs.
  • Internationally Acclaimed Faculty: Coming from seven nations, our full-time, PhD-level faculty members are not only recognized internationally for academic excellence and their remarkable research contributions, but they have also held key management positions for some of the world's leading companies.
  • Global Classroom: Students can travel, study, and network abroad through our international partnerships with top business schools, while also working on virtual team projects with a dynamic group of peers and a variety of practitioners from several continents.
  • Uniquely BU Community: We're committed to bringing our students together through the use of online technology, key networks, and the ability to learn from the same faculty who teach on campus. This is how we deliver a consistent, high-quality BU education, regardless of delivery mode.
  • International Accreditation: Boston University, the Metropolitan College Administrative Sciences Department, and our Graduate Programs in Management are recognized for academic excellence by the world's leading accrediting bodies: AAU, AACSB, EPAS, PMI, and NEASC.


BU's Graduate Programs in Management rank 10th in the US News & World Report 2017 Best Online Graduate Business Program rankings. Read more

Demystify Derivatives with Boston University’s new course – Derivatives Securities and Markets

Starting Spring 2017, students have the option to learn more about derivatives securities in the new online course, Derivatives Securities and Markets (MET AD 713).

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