Why Choose BU's Specialized Master's Degree?

Why is the Specialized Master’s Degree Different from an MBA?

Why settle for an ordinary MBA, when you can earn your master’s degree in a specialized area of management from a university that ranks 41st in the world by Times Higher Education? In today’s new reality of business, the Graduate Programs in Management can be considered the undisputed master’s degrees for the 21st century manager. If you’re considering a traditional MBA program, keep in mind the coursework will most likely be approached from discipline-level silos. This fragmented mentality often results in a generalized curriculum. An MBA’s disjointed coursework does little to develop your strategic reasoning skills at the operational level. Yet thinking from a higher perspective is critical to succeeding in the global economy.

It’s no longer enough for aspiring professionals to rely on typical MBA templates, which focus solely on leadership. The reality of today is that professionals need a range of leadership and management skills, knowing when to apply their specific abilities. That’s why BU’s Graduate Programs in Management deliver experiential knowledge underpinned by classic theory, with the ultimate goal of developing agile managers, who rise to the challenges at hand and seize the opportunities ahead.

Unlike a standard MBA, the Graduate Programs in Management offer motivated professionals an integrated and interdisciplinary curriculum from a global perspective. Career-oriented professionals choose BU to become forward-thinking business managers, who are prepared not only to lead in business, but to think critically about upcoming industry challenges. Learn more about our Graduate Programs in Management.

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