Business Continuity, Security & Risk Management - Preparing for the Horizon

Today’s business environment is incredibly different. Operations are distributed globally, making them more complex to manage. Greater emphasis is placed on avoiding disruptions yet technology is increasingly relied upon to ensure businesses run efficiently. How can managers make critical decisions when information is so widely dispersed? Get prepared with Boston University’s online Master of Science in Business Continuity, Security & Risk Management (MSBCSRM). It’s arguably the only program in the nation that challenges experienced professionals to take a far broader approach in evaluating, measuring, and mitigating risk.

As you pursue career advancement, this program can help you prepare for whatever is on the horizon. You could face a variety of challenges—from supply chain disruptions to cybercrime and brand name assaults. For this reason, our courses are not designed in a cause/effect framework. Instead, you will learn from simulation exercises that open up your mind, develop your thought processes, and encourage you to think through issues based on the available facts. If you’re a motivated professional, prepare to become a 21st century manager, and graduate with your master’s degree in just 12 courses.

Why choose the MS in Business Continuity, Security & Risk Management?
It seems change is the only constant in our world economy. Most business leaders struggle to anticipate tomorrow’s potential disruptions. Let alone demonstrate the capacity to think through scenarios that could happen years from now. Is it any wonder then that companies in every industry are in desperate need of forward-thinking professionals, who approach business from a much wider perspective?

Individuals who have the resources and knowledge to chart a preemptive course of action are in high demand. Get prepared with Boston University’s MSBCSRM online program and learn to think beyond the traditional view of risk management, disaster preparedness, and recovery.

Metropolitan College’s Administrative Sciences Department has an internationally respected and multicultural faculty from a variety of backgrounds that cover every facet of business continuity, security and risk management. Learn more about our renowned faculty members and their impressive corporate, academic, and research experience.

Career Outlook
There is a multitude of complex challenges facing not only businesses, but entire industries in today’s global economy. Regardless of where your career advancement leads, the knowledge and skills you can gain from this master’s degree will be in demand for years to come. Possible career paths include:

  • IT Security Management
  • Business Analyst
  • Operations Manager
  • Systems Analyst

How does the MSBCSRM degree program compare to the MBA?
Learn more about BU’s markedly different approach to management education.

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