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Learn from the best—in the world.

Boston University sets the standard in graduate professional education. We accomplish this first and foremost by attracting upper echelon faculty members from around the world. Coming together from seven countries, our distinguished faculty brings a cultural diversity and blend of non-traditional knowledge to the online Graduate Programs in Management.

As members of the Administrative Sciences department, our faculty works in a seamless structure that’s reflective of today’s global enterprise. Furthermore, each of our interdisciplinary faculty members contributes to the future—by researching current challenges, publishing results, and educating tomorrow’s leaders with lessons learned in real time. Get to know our internationally recognized faculty.

Our renowned faculty members work cross-functionally to give students a certain education in an uncertain world. Our forward-thinking approach to interdisciplinary instruction arises from a multicultural platform that leverages outstanding scholarly credentials, highly regarded publishing records, prolific research contributions, and advanced business leadership. Each of us works ahead of the curve to ensure our students always have a leading edge.

Personal enthusiasm. Shared commitment.

When professionals are driven by passion, they tend to work nonstop. This is proven time and again by the enthusiastic performance and commitment of our full-time faculty who manage to simultaneously teach on-campus, instruct online, heavily research best practices, craft articles for industry journals, network globally, and continually refresh course content. It is from this unwavering enthusiasm that our faculty designed the online Graduate Programs in Management. Our goal is to instill a similar mindset of continuous learning and professional improvement in tomorrow’s leading managers.

Quality teaching. Quality outcomes.

Whether you choose to learn on-campus, online, or a combination of both, you will always be taught by the same full-time faculty who teach in Boston. This is to assure the equivalency of our degrees, the consistency of our content, and the reliability of our learning outcomes.

Get to know our full-time faculty.

Faculty members within Metropolitan College have impressive industry experience, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out a few faculty bios below. Gain a better understanding of our work outside the classroom, and know that practical experience shapes what happens on the inside.

Letter from the Chair

A letter to prospective students from the Chair of Administrative Sciences at Boston University Metropolitan College.

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Kip Becker

As Associate Professor and Director of International Academic Initiatives, Kip Becker is a member of our elite faculty who teach both online and on campus.

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William J. Chambers

Associate Professor of the Practice of Administrative Sciences, Dr. Chambers, is an innovative scholar and thought leader.

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Virginia A. Greiman

Learn about Assistant Professor Greiman, a nationally recognized expert in project management who held key leadership positions before coming to BU.

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Canan Gunes Corlu

Dr. Corlu serves as a reviewer for the journals Annals of Operations Research and Mathematics of Operations Research.

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Jay A. Halfond

After nearly a dozen years at the helm of MET, Dean Jay Halfond will step down at the end of the 2012 fall semester. Learn about all he has done and his future plans.

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Vijay Kanabar

As the Director of Project Management Programs, Dr. Kanabar brings a wealth of real-world expertise to the learning experience.

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Jung Wan Lee

Dr. Lee is an award-winning researcher who has made significant contributions to education and business on an international scale.

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Stephen A. Leybourne

Dr. Leybourne’s work is published in a variety of industry journals and implemented into his teaching at Boston University Metropolitan College.

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Samuel Mendlinger

Dr. Mendlinger is an integral member of our multicultural faculty. Learn about his research, grants, patents, and teaching interests.

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John D. Sullivan

As Associate Professor and Chair of Administrative Sciences, Dr. Sullivan has outstanding academic credentials and impressive industry experience.

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Barry Unger

Learn about Dr. Unger’s award-winning expertise in science, technology, and venture capital businesses.

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Roger D. H. Warburton

Recognized as an accomplished high-level business leader and researcher, Dr. Warburton publishes and lectures internationally.

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Irena Vodenska

As an Assistant Professor of Finance, Dr. Vodenska has strong credibility with students due to her impressive corporate experience.

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Vladimir Zlatev

Joining us from Bulgaria, Associate Professor Vladimir Zlatev is a key member of our internationally acclaimed faculty. Learn about his research and teaching interests.

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