John D. Sullivan

Associate Professor and Chair of Administrative Sciences

PhD, Northeastern University
AM, Harvard University
MBA, Northeastern University
BA, Regis University

Dr. Sullivan is an expert in health care policy and finance and frequently appears as a commentator in local and national media. He teaches mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, capital markets, investments, and new business ventures. He served as senior analyst for corporate development at Fresenius Medical Care, and has provided strategic consulting for various health care organizations.


Hi. I’m John Sullivan. I’m the Chairman and Associate Professor in the Administrative Sciences department at the Metropolitan College at Boston University.

My background is mergers and acquisitions. Prior to mergers and acquisitions, I worked as a bond analyst.

Primarily what I do now is, in so far as consulting, is I work with large healthcare companies. Not necessarily the treatment of the disease but rather the economics of it. How do you get out front and make sure the expenses aren’t overwhelming.

I primarily did M&A deals throughout Asia, most of Latin America, and the US. And the company that I worked for was primarily a healthcare company. It was a division of W.R. Grace and I felt I needed to know more about anatomy and physiology.

I went back to school, I took epidemiology. I took infectious disease classes. I took different types ofcourses so I could understand the healthcare aspects of the business I was in.

I think students that come to our programs at MET are really hungry. They push, and that’s what I want to see. I want to see the students push back. And the look of seeing the students getting it and working through the thought process is really what motivates me the most.



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