Letter from the Chair

Dear Prospective Students,

Boston University’s Metropolitan College delivers some of the top management programs in the world. Here’s how we do it: Our interdisciplinary management programs are designed in a collaborative, learning-centered environment by an academic faculty of practitioners and thought leaders. Our collective work experience represents the future of management.

We are diverse scholars with international management experience, who proudly come together to design the most rigorous and applicable curriculum of its kind. We deliver a highly-integrated blend of theoretical and experiential knowledge in the fields of project management, innovation and technology, banking and finance, business continuity and risk, marketing, and insurance.

Our goal is to develop critical thinkers who take a global approach to management. We are determined to inspire an agility, flexibility, and responsiveness in tomorrow’s leaders. Knowing there will be unprecedented challenges ahead, we have redefined today’s standards for what a management degree should be.

On behalf of the Administrative Sciences department, I invite you to explore our interdisciplinary suite of Graduate Programs in Management. You’ll find it’s an educational experience unlike any other—and that’s the point.


John D. Sullivan, PhD
Chair of Administrative Sciences
Boston University Metropolitan College

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