BU Joins AAU

BU Acknowledged as a Leading Research University and Joins Association of American Universities

Boston University demonstrates its international prominence through a breadth and depth of research-driven academic programs, which have drawn the attention of students and faculty from around the world for decades. Most recently, BU’s commitment to education excellence has been recognized by the prestigious Association of American Universities (AAU). BU is the fourth university to be invited into the AAU since 2000, joining Boston’s Harvard, MIT, and Brandeis.

The Association of American Universities (AAU) is an elite organization of 62 leading research universities in the United States and Canada. The association develops national and institutional policies that support research development, scholarship programs, higher education, and public service. BU is proud to join the ranks of leading research universities as a distinguished member of the AAU.

“Boston University’s admission to the AAU is first and foremost an acknowledgment of the quality and productivity of our outstanding faculty,” says Jean Morrison, University provost and chief academic officer.

As part of Boston University, the Metropolitan College faculty is an interdisciplinary team of prolific researchers with outstanding scholarly credentials, highly regarded publishing records, and years of top-level business experience. Learn more about BU’s future-focused faculty members who deliver some of the top management programs in the world.


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