Honoring Kip Becker

Kip Becker
Associate Professor and Co-Chair of Administrative Sciences

Honoring a Longstanding Path of Reinvention
From his scholarly journal articles to his globally acclaimed presentations, Dr. Becker stands at the leading edge of the international marketing field as a world-class academic who continually reinvents himself. For these reasons and many more, he was honored for 25 years of contributions to international business marketing by the Academy for Global Business Advancement (AGBA). MET Associate Dean Tanya Zlateva praised the honor as “a tribute to Professor Becker’s standing in the academic community, his expertise, and his ability to build bridges across borders and bring together people from different countries to collaborate on challenging problems.”

How does Dr. Becker strengthen MET’s Administrative Sciences department?
The field of international business changes by the day. Yet, for more than two decades, Dr. Becker has guided BU students in the ever-evolving international marketplace. He’s also a prolific researcher who has authored over 50 academic articles, books, and chapters. Plus he is the editor of several trade journals and serves on the board of the International Management Development Association, and he is country director for the United States, board of the European and Mediterranean (EuroMed) Research Business Institute (EMRBI). He is a leader in the classroom and beyond.

How does Dr. Becker view the future of international marketing?
In a recent interview for Metropolitan College he said, “Product lifecycles used to be fifteen years, then ten years, then five years. Now, they’re a year. Before, you would just focus on improving features of a product. Now, it’s about coming out with a totally different product. You have to be prepared to reinvent yourself and not just advance incrementally. It’s a completely different way of thinking, and many management people are not trained for it. I want our students to be prepared to adapt to the rapid changes occurring in the field of international business.”

What can you do with a master’s degree in international marketing management?
In today’s global economy, consumers rule. But their demands are continually changing. Succeeding in this new business reality takes forward-thinking marketing managers who know how to leverage real-time analytics to find the insights that make the case for reinvention. BU’s MS in International Marketing Management takes an innovative approach to prepare you for leadership roles that may not even exist yet. Learn more about our MS in International Marketing online program.

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