Project Management - Managing Tomorrow’s Business Model

Companies of all sizes have turned to project-based operations. Boston University’s Master of Science in Project Management (MSPM) online program teaches experienced professionals how to run projects differently. Students learn to manage competing milestones and understand how an array of corporate projects can integrate at an operational level. Regardless of the industry, project managers play a critical role in driving organizational success. That’s why BU incorporates project management courses into the curriculum for each of the specialized degrees within the Graduate Programs in Management.

Enroll in the MS in Project Management program, and you can learn forward-thinking management principles, develop critical reasoning skills, and challenge various issues that arise during the project life cycle. If you’re a motivated professional, prepare to become a 21st century project manager, and graduate with your master’s degree in just 12 courses.

Why choose the MS in Project Management?
If you haven’t already, someday you will be tasked to lead a project in today’s hyper-competitive global market. When the time comes, do you know the first lesson of project management? Challenge everything. Get prepared with Boston University’s MS in Project Management online program and learn to think differently about the new realities of doing business today.

Metropolitan College’s Administrative Sciences Department has an internationally respected and multicultural faculty from a variety of backgrounds that cover every facet of project management. Learn more about our renowned faculty members and their impressive corporate, academic, and research experience.

Career Outlook
BU’s MS in Project Management is an interdisciplinary program that’s adaptable to any business environment. Whether you’re hoping to advance within a nonprofit organization or pursue leadership in a Fortune 500 company, mastering project management is fundamental to succeeding in every area of business.

Considering PMP® certification?
Upon graduation, you will have gained excellent preparation for PMP® Certification. In fact, BU graduates can apply 1500 hours of project management experience toward the 4500 hours required for PMP® Certification. By completing the MSPM degree program, you also satisfy the 35 hours of required class time. Contact an Admissions Representative today and learn more.

How does the MSPM degree program compare to the MBA?
Learn more about BU’s markedly different approach to management education.

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